Employment Opportunities

Administrative Assistant – Temporary Replacement

The Jesuit Archives: Central United States seeks a temporary replacement for an Administrative Assistant. This temporary position will cover the Administrative Assistant duties during a maternity leave. The Administrative Assistant provides administrative and operational support within the administrative office of the Jesuit Archives: Central United States. The assistant prepares meetings and schedules appointments; organizes and maintains paper and electronic files; manages mailings and correspondence; processes deposits, payments, and purchases; enters data and prepares reports. The Administrative Assistant reports to the Director of the Jesuit Archives. For more information, visit the Jesuit Archives website

Positions Available Elsewhere

You may also want to visit Jesuits.org for other positions in other Jesuit provinces in Canada and the United States.


Jesuit Spirituality Center
Situated on 900 acres of farmland, the Jesuit Spirituality Center at Grand Coteau provides a quiet environment for those seeking God through the Spiritual Exercises.