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Fr. Bill McCormick, SJ


A native Texan, Fr. Bill McCormick, SJ, has always been interested in all things religion and politics. His first book, recently published, showcases that passion. 

After attending the University of Chicago for his undergraduate degree, Fr. McCormick earned a master’s degree and Ph.D. in succession in the field of Political Theory. He then decided to pursue a Jesuit vocation.  

During his formation process, he has taught philosophy and political science at Saint Louis University, and currently studies theology at Regis College in Toronto. He was ordained to the priesthood in summer 2023 and currently serves at St. John’s College in Belize City, Belize. 

Publication list: 

The Christian Structure of Politics: On the De Regno of Thomas Aquinas 

Editor, forthcoming volume of final essays of James Schall, S.J., CUA Press. 

Political Theology after the Holocaust: Carl Schmitt, Christianity and Power, book manuscript in progress.  

“Polarities of the Human and Divine: Aquinas and Schmitt on Political Theology,” American Journal of Political Science, 2021.  

“The Populist Pope?: Politics, Religion and Pope Francis,” Politics and Religion 14:1 (2021): 159-81 

“The Role of the Natural Law in Politics.” History of Political Thought 39:4 (2018): 591-605.  

“Pride, Magnanimity and Humility.” Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits 50:3 (2018): 1-44.  

““The Two Heads of the Eagle”: Aquinas and Rousseau on Civil Religion.” The Thomist 81 (2017): 539-65. 

“Aquinas on Tyranny, Resistance, and the End of Politics. Perspectives on Political Science 44 (2014): 10-17 (co-authored with Michael D. Breidenbach). 

“Jacques Maritain on Political Theology.” European Journal of Political Theory 12 (2013): 175-94. 

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