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Fr. Dan Daly, SJ


A native of Denver and a Catholic priest, Fr. Dan Daly, SJ, has served as an accounting professor at Regis University and Boston College and, more recently, as province treasurer for Jesuits USA Central and Southern Province. He enjoys presiding and preaching at parishes and universities, directing retreats, and leading days of reflection.
With a lifelong affinity for Gospel stories, Dan frequently uses Ignatian Imagination to bring Gospel stories to life for himself and others.


Jesus and the Barbecued Fish Breakfast | Twenty-Third Publications, 2021.
In this immersive and expansive exploration of the gospels, Dan Daly, SJ, offers a fresh take on remarkable episodes from Jesus’ life and delightful parables that he shared with the crowds. The stories are knit together in a simple chronology and interwoven with reflections on what these stories might mean for us today. Whimsical illustrations by artist Thane Benson offer a complementary perspective of these formative stories that we all know and love.

In this follow-up to Jesus and the Barbecued Fish Breakfast, Fr. Dan Daly offers another collection of stories from the life and teachings of Jesus. Gospel stories enable us to know Jesus more clearly and love him more dearly because stories capture the spirit, desires, and personality of Jesus better than a description or explanation ever could. Reimagined in Fr. Daly’s own words, this story sampler includes many familiar Scripture stories and some that are less well known. Reflections on each story are included, making this book the perfect companion for small-group study or personal, spiritual reading.


Rediscover the Gospels with this vivid, imaginative and inspiring book, which presents some of the most important stories every told in surprising new ways. A blessing for anyone who wants to understand the Gospels more fully and encounter Jesus more deeply. All that, plus some terrific illustrations too!

James Martin, SJ, author of Learning to Pray

Like a skilled weaver, Dan Daly, SJ intertwines the gospel, Ignatian spirituality and contemporary references, an intricate tapestry which re-kindles our interest in stories that might have become overly familiar. Like Jesus, Daly knows the power of “once upon a time…” He hooks us with references to Nabal, the villainous son who does the right thing, an IHOP waitress who smokes like a fiend but knows life’s too short for anger or criticism, an 1860s Denver newspaper editor, and 18th century Italian violin makers. A motley, unlikely crew? Exactly! Fertile ground for lively stands on justice and hopes brimming over. This playful, creative, accessible portrait of Jesus might be just the nudge flagging followers or skeptical newcomers need to jump aboard his boat.

Kathy Coffey, author of More Hidden Women of the Gospels

This is not just a book of chapters but of meditations, taking us into the world of Jesus through alluring storytelling and engaging drawings and bringing the lessons of Jesus into our world, showing concretely how Jesus is speaking to me, here and now.

Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ, author of Ignatian Discernment of Spirits in Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Care


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