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Juan José Santiago Asenjo, SJ

75 Years a Jesuit
Pastoral Minister in Puerto Rico

Father Juan José Santiago Asenjo, SJ, marks his 75th anniversary as a Jesuit, having entered the Society of Jesus in 1948. Now 91, he has been assigned to a ministry of prayer since 2014.

Father Santiago Asenjo began his Jesuit ministry in 1958 as a teacher at Colegio San Ignacio, the Jesuit high school in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He later returned to the Colegio in 1972 to serve as Jesuit rector, and again in 1988, when he served as rector and president for seven years. In between, he was a spiritual director at the seminary in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

In 2003,  he founded the Museo Puerto Rico de Antropología Religiosa, located in the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Campus and remained there until 2014,

Father Santiago Asenjo studied spirituality and classics in Havana, Cuba, philosophy in Spain and Ecuador, and theology at Woodstock College in Maryland. In 1995, he obtained a doctorate in Religious Phenomenology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.