Our Mission

"The service of faith in Jesus Christ and the promotion of the justice of the Kingdom preached by him can best be achieved in the contemporary world if inculturation and dialogue become essential elements of our way of proceeding in mission." - GC35
Our Mission

Why we do what we do

The contemporary mission of the Society of Jesus is the service of faith and promotion of that justice of the Gospel that embodies God's love and saving mercy.

Our ultimate goal is to respond to the call of Christ to be in solidarity with the least and with all, and to grow in our personal and communal call to holiness, generosity, and availability in following Jesus and serving the Church through the Ignatian charism.

The spiritual tradition of Saint Ignatius Loyola sees God present in all things. It is a hopeful vision that finds God's divine love present in all of creation, and especially in the goodness of human persons. Most specifically God's love is made manifest and effective in the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of God's Son, Jesus Christ. 

How we do what we do

We believe that love is expressed more fully in deeds than in words. Therefore, we engage in various spiritual, pastoral, social, educational, and missionary ministries. We operate educational institutions, from middle schools to universities. We serve in parishes and are chaplains in hospitals. We provide spiritual ministries such as giving retreats and offering spiritual direction.

Go to the What We Do link on the main navigation bar to learn more details. You will find stories and profiles that give concrete examples of the way that Jesuits of the Central and Southern Province and their lay colleagues carry out the mission of the Society of Jesus. 

Where we serve

We are deeply rooted in the local areas of 12 states in the central and southern United States, in Puerto Rico and in in the Central American country of Belize. We move easily around the globe where we are needed. Jesuits in the US Central and Southern Province belong to the Society of Jesus, a worldwide network, united through a superior general in Rome.

Jesuits study and work in almost every country in the world, and organizations such as the Jesuit Refugee Service allow us to respond to needs across national borders wherever they occur.


White House Jesuit Retreat Center
The White House Jesuit Retreat Center is located on a beautiful 80-acre campus on the bluffs of the Mississippi River in St. Louis.