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Spanish artist Raul Berzosa with the middle piece of his triptych, “The Jesuit Order and the Arts”

Spanish artist Raul Berzosa unveiled a stunning triptych on April 23, 2023, at Jesuit High School of Tampa’s (Jesuit Tampa) annual Celebration of the Arts event.

The triptych, comprised of historic figures and great artists connected to the Society of Jesus throughout history, was a commission from Jesuit Tampa for the school’s Antinori Center for the Arts. Berzosa posted the progress of the triptych to social media throughout the month of April as he made the finishing touches to the piece, adding to the anticipation of the unveiling.

Jesuit Tampa President Fr. Richard C. Hermes, SJ, highlighted the work’s incredible details, such as the depictions of Jesuit High School musicians and thespians alongside notable historical and cultural figures: the Jesuit-educated Alfred Hitchcock, composer Ennio Morricone, artist Peter Paul Rubens, composer Dominico Zipoli, SJ, and the founders of the Society of Jesus St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Peter Faber and St. Francis Xavier.

Berzosa’s work is also featured in Jesuit Tampa’s Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Berzosa, via interpreter Fr. Angel Rivera-Fals, SJ, expressed his gratitude to Jesuit Tampa for the commission, specifying that this was his first visit to the United States and thanking the crowd for their warm reception. Berzosa also spoke at Jesuit Tampa’s convocation the next day, receiving a standing ovation from the student body.

See video of Fr. Hermes’ presentation of the triptych here.

See video of Berzosa’s convocation speech here.

Father Richard C. Hermes, SJ, explains Berzosa’s piece to the crowd.