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Ignatian Year

All things work together for good, O Lord, for those called according to your purpose.

When the self-centered plans of Iñigo of Loyola were disrupted by a cannonball, you started him on a spiritual journey. 

His eyes were slowly opened to your presence.

Placing his heart in Christ, he followed where your Spirit led, wisely ignorant, emptying his will and embracing yours.  

Gracious Lord, transform us, the Ignatian family of the UCS Province, as you transformed the one who became St. Ignatius. 

Disrupt our plans when they are not yours.

Cultivate in us the heart of Christ poor to be neighbors to all, especially those excluded by poverty and racism, and to care for our common home, ravaged by greed and over-consumption.

Unite us as friends in your Spirit to journey together, young and mature, toward a hope-filled future.

Our Lady of the Way, intercede for us, that we may see all things new in Christ Jesus, your son.


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