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By Louis J. McCabe, SJ and Philip G. Steele, SJ

Ignatius Loyola, our holy founder, man of great desires and perfect humility, pray for us.

Francis Xavier, courageous warrior ever seeking new souls for Christ, pray for us.

Peter Faber, first companion of Ignatius and cherished friend of all, pray for us.

Stanislaus Kostka, of ready heart and single mind, pray for us.

Francis Borgia, nobleman of poverty, model of indifference, pray for us.

Edmund Campion, fearless orator and source of courage to the persecuted, pray for us.

Aloysius Gonzaga, consolation and care for the sick and the dying, pray for us.

Robert Southwell, prisoner-poet of comfort and strength, pray for us.

Peter Canisius, scholar, builder, and teacher of little children, pray for us.

Nicholas Owen, clever carpenter, companion loyal to the death, pray for us.

Alphonsus Rodriquez, mystical friend, model of hospitality, pray for us.

Robert Bellarmine, rich of mind yet poor of spirit, pray for us.

John Berchmans, single-hearted student, model of simplicity, pray for us.

John Francis Regis, compassionate confessor, rekindler of burnt-out faith, pray for us.

Isaac Jogues, trusting missionary, obedient unto death, pray for us.

John de Brebeuf, lover of the cross and the name of Jesus, pray for us.

Peter Claver, tireless lover of the poor and the powerless, pray for us.

Claude La Colombière, faithful servant and perfect friend of the loving heart of Christ, pray for us.

Gerard Manley Hopkins, catcher of fire and crafter of words, pray for us.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, mystical lover of all that is and all that is tobe, pray for us.

Rutilio Grande, devoted pastor of the poor and the oppressed, pray for us.

Karl Rahner, professor of prayer and loyal servant of the church, pray for us.

Ignacio Ellacuria and companions, fearless and faithful proclaimers of the Good News in the face of persecution, pray for us.

Pedro Arrupe, grace-filled leader of renewal and rededication, pray for us.

Concluding Prayer

Almighty and ever-watchful God, Lord of the heavens above and the earth below.
Your Divine Goodness created us in love from every region of North and CentralAmerica:

from Fond du Lac and Topeka
Orange Walk and Dangriga
Denver and New Orleans
Merida and Arnold
St. Louis and Kansas City

Your Divine Wisdom placed us in the chaos and darkness of the twentieth century as:

poets and singers
engineers and schoolmasters
scholars and pastors
tailors and gardeners
builders and administrators
artists and lovers.

Your Divine Providence called us into the company of your son Jesus, Therefore, we devote all our energies to your Divine Majesty to bring order into our world, to make it fertile, and to bless it. We pledge you the hours of our lives and the use of our deaths through our Mother,the Lady Mary, and through our King and Good Brother, Jesus.