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By Fr. Rafael García, SJ

Eva Garcia at the Sacred Heart Parish tabernacle

Eva Garcia was born in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. After living in Juárez, Mexico, for some years, in 1998, she moved to El Paso, Texas, with her husband and two daughters. She settled in a modest apartment in historic Chihuahuita, close to Sacred Heart Parish, and immediately began serving the parish.

In 1998, I invited Eva to become a lector. Soon after, she also became a catechist, working with the director of religious education at the parish’s satellite meeting place in her barrio, Chihuahuita.

For some years before COVID, Eva served in the small parish religious articles store on Sundays. She also felt moved to start cleaning the church and washing the altar linens. She also decorates the church for specific liturgies.

Eva is now the weekday sacristan and serves as needed for funeral Masses. She is responsible for opening the church doors each day.

Eva’s mother used to urge her to keep her devotion to the Sacred Heart, to sing and to serve, and Eva continues to follow this guidance. She has a powerful singing voice and is a natural motivator, leading the rosary and the singing during Posadas in neighboring Duranguito and at other events. She has also led prayers and singing during First Friday and First Saturday Eucharistic adoration.

“Coming to church to serve and work is my life,” Eva says. She emphasizes that it is beautiful to serve generously and wholeheartedly.

Our parish owes Eva much gratitude. She has truly been a devoted, generous benefactor of time and talent since 1998!