A Pilgrimage Through the South:

What the Martyrs Taught Me

The Ordinations of David Lugo, SJ,
and Matthew Stewart, SJ
Five Jesuit Novices Pronounce First Vows
Contemplation and Political Action:

An Ignatian Guide to Civic Engagement

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Ignatian Spirituality is an attentiveness to God’s action in our lives and our response to God’s desires for us.

Jesuits believe in a faith that does justice. Our works are called to solidarity and concern for the marginalized.

Jesuit parishes provide a home for Jesuits and our collaborators to share Ignatian spirituality and live the Gospel.

Jesuits are best known for their focus on education, one that attends to students’ intellectual, physical and spiritual needs.

As provincial assistant for formation, Fr. Hung Pham helps Jesuits along their unique vocation path. Read how his accompaniment has had to change this year.

Anna Kurzweil lived a selfless life as a single, devout Catholic woman with a missionary's heart. Upon her death in 2012, she left nearly $2 million to the Society of Jesus.

Cheryl Archibald, parish life coordinator at St. Matthew the Apostle Church in St. Louis, is living out her vocation. Read how she came to occupy this exciting role.

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