About Us

Provincial Superior

V. Rev. Thomas P. Greene, SJ  

Provincial Staff

Fr. Billy Huete, SJ, Socius (Executive Assistant)

Mary Baudouin, Social Ministries

Fr. Ronald Boudreaux, SJ, Pastoral Ministries

Fr. Brian Christopher, International Ministries

Eileen Croghan, Healthcare

Fr. J. Daniel Daly, SJ, Treasurer

Fr. Michael Dooley, SJ, Director of Vocations

Therese Fink Meyerhoff, Communications

Fr. Hung Pham, SJ, Formation

Ron Rebore, Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education

Thomas Reynolds, Higher Education

Other Provincial Staff

Carol Zarinelli Brescia, LCSW, Pastoral Outreach Coordinator

Sr. Amy Diesen, Director of Ignatian Volunteer Corps

Fr. Eddie Gros, SJ, Coordinator of Vocation Promotion

Ken Luecke, Associate Provincial Assistant for Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education

David Miros, Director of Jesuit Archives & Research Center

Fr. Robert Murphy, SJ, Vocation Promoter

Fr. Tom Greene, SJ
Fr. Provincial Thomas P. Greene, SJ
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