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Missouri Province Legacy

Recovering the Stories of “Ours” Since 1823

In celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Jesuits’ arrival in St. Louis on May 31, 1823, historian Ellen Skerrett has uncovered stories of “Ours” – tales of Jesuits, some of which have been forgotten, others never known. Thousands of Jesuit priests and brothers devoted their lives to building up this extraordinary mission that served as a launching pad for countless foundations across the central, southern and western part of the United States. 

Skerrett’s essay, illustrated with rare documents and photographs from the Jesuit Archives & Research Center (JARC) in St. Louis, explores themes of immigration and adaptation, as well as innovation, occasionally born of failure.

Read or download the full essay here

View a video that tells the full story of the Jesuits USA Central and Southern Province, including stories from Belize, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Texas and more: Standing on the Shoulders, Our Province History